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October 12, 2016 11:42 PM PDT
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It's been a long time....

Howdy Listeners

Hope all is well in your worlds. New mix from me, a follow up to my second most downloaded mix ( 24,000 and counting !! ) Wu Tang In The Cut. Whilst the first mix centered on the the first Wu album and the first group of classic releases I've opened up the selections here to include some of the affiliated groups and producers, as well as tracks from Forever and the secondary solo releases

SUUUUUUUU without foither ado, please enjoy !



Diesel - Wu Tang Clan
Wu-Wear ( The Garment Renaissance ) - RZA ft Method Man and Cappadonna
All Out On My Own - Shyheim
One Step - Killah Priest ft Hell Raza & Tekitha
Dress To Kill - Killarmy
Wu Banga 101 ( instrumental ) - Ghostface Killah
Wu Banga 101 - Ghostface Killah ft GZA, Raekwon, Cappadonna & Masta Killa
Hav Mercy - Mathematics ft Killa Sin & LA The Darkman
Iron Gold Chamber - Masta Killa ft U-God, RZA & Method Man
Automatic Full Rap Fanatic - Inspecktah Deck ft U-God & Street Life
N***a Please - Ol'Dirty Bastard
City Lights - LA the Darkman
Beneath The Surface - GZA ft Killah Priest and Res
Stay True ( instrumental ) - Ghostface Killah
Elevation - Inspectah Deck
Wake Up - Killarmy
Got's Like Come on Thru - Buddha Monk ft ODB & Drunken Dragon
Projects International Remix - Wu Tang Clan
Mighty Healthy ( instrumental ) - Ghostface Killah
Triumph ( instrumental ) - Wu Tang Clan
Triumph - Wu Tang Clan

All comments welcomed



THIN WHITE FUNK : David Bowie 74 - 84 : Mixed by AllyAl
April 04, 2016 12:47 PM PDT
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When Bowie passed at the beginning of the year it hit me harder than I expected. I'm a huge fan and his music has been part of my life for the last 42 years, lots of memories attached. One of the greatest artists of all time in my opinion, maybe THE greatest......subjective though obviously, its music, no right or wrong smiley

For my second Bowie mix I decided to explore his "funkier" material from 74 > 84. Not Funk like James, but funky, groove based, sometimes with a Disco lean, but always done in a Bowie ( and the bands he surrounded himself with a the time ) way

without foither ado

please enjoy

THIN WHITE FUNK : DAVID BOWIE 74 - 84 : Mixed by AllyAl


Let's Dance
Golden Years
Sound and Vision
Beauty and the Beast
What in the World
John, I'm Only Dancing ( Again )
Station to Station

Nice one


BEATS, TRICKS & TREATS : Halloween Special : Mixed by AllyAl
October 14, 2015 11:16 AM PDT
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just a little Halloween ( loosely ) themed Hip Hop Mix for your listening terror. With beats that go bump in the night. If your head is bobbing try and make sure it stays attached to your neck MUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA etc etc......

Be afraid

BEATS, TRICKS & TREATS : Mixed by AllyAl


Halloween - The Arsonists
Straight Loonie ft Eric Sermon & Jamal - Keith Murray
Journey Throo Da Darkside - Redman
Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
Illusions ( Harpsichord Mix ) - Cypress Hill
Put A Curse On You - Quasimoto
Redrum - Nine
Diary of a Madman/ Graveyard Chamber - Gravediggaz
Best Friends Become Strangers - MYKILL MYERS

enjoy.......or not !!

September 09, 2015 09:45 AM PDT
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It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope mix to step to....

Howdy Listeners

Hope all is well in your worlds

D'Angelo over the last 20 years is an artist, which for some reason, I've let other peoples opinions affect mine, good or bad. When Brown Sugar dropped 20 years ago I loved it, one of my favourite albums of the 90's. When Voodoo dropped, I liked it but didn't get caught up in the hyperbole ( had our first baby on the way, life was hectic, maybe that had something to do with it, I blame Busta THERE'S ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT !! ) Then came the 14 year wait for Black Messiah, released at the back end of 2014. Was this going to be on some Phantom Menace level of disappointment or was it going to be a triumphant homecoming ? Again the hyperbole made me sceptical but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the album a lot. How do I feel 9 months later though ? Like turned to love and the album is still in steady rotation. Also got to see him live this year at the Apollo in Manchester. I was listening to BM in the car with my eldest son, asked him what he thought of the album ? He replied "Really good !" Told him he was doing a show in Manchester and would he fancy going ( his first concert was Prince the previous year ) and enthusiastic "yes !" followed. It was a great show ( met my boys the Soul Twins there too, you should check their podcast, its ace ! ), D is a great performer, a real class act and the band were tight, and my son loved it. D'Angelo is old school but still remains very relevant, without trying to pander to current fads unlike some I could mention

Anyways, briefly back to Voodoo, once I'd booked the tickets I thought i should refamiliarise myself with his back catalogue. Brown Sugar still banged, and then Voodoo came on......and I realised I'd love it all along, it felt like meeting an old friend that I'd lost touched with, and that basically what inspired the mix. Its album tracks, remixes and the odd guest spot. Something for the avid fan and casual listener I think

Anyways with foither ado's, please enjoy



The Charade
Playa Playa
She's Always In My Hair
1000 Deaths
Spanish Joint
Betray My Heart
Brown Sugar ( Da Beatminerz Rmx ft Kool G Rap )
Brown Sugar ( Soul Inside 808 Mix AllyAl Edit )
Lady ( Just Tha Beat Mix ft AZ )
Feel Like Makin' Love
Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine ( Jay Dee Rmx )
Tell Me ft D'Angelo - Slum Village
The Line
So Far To Go ft Common & D'Angelo - J Dilla
Chicken Grease
Devil's Pie
Cold World ( RZA mix Ft D'Angelo & Inspektah Deck ) - GZA
One Mo'Gin
Really Love
Jonz In My Bonz
Untitled ( How Does It Feel )
Another Life

All comments welcomed

PENETRATION FUNK : A ParliaFunkadelicment Thang : Mixed by AllyAl
February 04, 2015 08:19 AM PST
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Howdy Listeners

hope all is well with you

For Valentines Day I bring forth to you the good times, 90 minutes of P-Funk slow jams. Now this being the Funk Mob probably best not to expect straight up romance, but 17 bass heavy, guitar solo, funky synth laden freaky tracks
So without foither ado, please enjoy....



Amorous - The Brides of Funkenstein
Soul Mate - Funkadelic
Baby I Owe You Something Good - Funkadelic
I'd Rather Be With You - Bootsy's Rubber Band
I've Been Watching You ( Move Your Sexy Body )- Parliament
Just Like You - The Brides of Funkenstein
You Scared The Lovin' Outta Me - Funkadelic
Physical Love - Bootsy's Rubber Band
Hold On - Bernie Worrell
Didn't Mean To Fall In Love - The Brides of Funkenstein
Can't Stay Away - Bootsy's Rubber Band
I'll Stay - Funkadelic
( You're A Fish An I'm A ) Water Sign - Parliament
Wonderful One - Parlet
When You're Gone - The Brides of Funkenstein
Don't Ever Stop ( Lovin' Me, Needin' Me ) - Parlet
Munchies For Your Love - Bootsy's Rubber Band

TRICKETT Trio Tuned : Mixed by AllyAl : Happy Birthday TRICKETT !!
December 06, 2014 02:37 AM PST
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Howdy Listeners

Hope all is well with you

New mix to celebrate the Birthday of my favourite clothing label out of the UK TRICKETT

with a foreword from Chief pot & bottle washer Iain

"The mix is just a favourite of each member of staff and we must apologise for the start of it, my Dad likes modern country! These are just a selection of songs that have got us through packing socks over the last year.

We are a small brand that is enthused by sport and in particular sport from North America. Everything that we do is deeply rooted in sporting culture and collecting things. We take a great pride in where are products are made (the USA, UK and Canada) and the attention to detail. The mix is also to celebrate our launch of a new burger that we are launching with the Twister Burger company in Sheffield, it’s a tasty treat so get down to their restaurant in Sheffield from the 23rd December. All artwork by Tom J Newell too. He is lovely."

check out more from them here >> http://trickett-england.co.uk/products-page/ Their products are fantastic and their service is second to none, well worth a look

check out more from Tom here >> https://twitter.com/tomjnewell http://instagram.com/tomjnewell

so without foither ado, please enjoy !



Marching Chiefs intro
Where The Party Is At
Last Forever (Mint Royale Remix) - Fenech Soler
PYT (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson
Bump N Grind 2014 - Waze & Odyssey Vs R Kelly
Dark Horse ft Juicy J - Katy Perry
Trap Back - 2 Chainz
Brooklyn Zoo - Ol'Dirty Bastard
Make 'em NV - J Dilla
Try Again Instrumental - Aaliyah
Try Again = Aaliyah
Partition - Beyonce
Draft Day - Drake
Seen It All ft Jay Z - Young Jeezy
I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly

nice one


PREMIER BEATS Volume II : Mixed by AllyAl
November 06, 2014 10:51 AM PST
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Howdy Listeners

Hope all is well in your worlds

DJ Premier is without a doubt one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Throw in the fact he was also one half of one of the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time too, his status as a living legend can go unquestioned in my book, salute

This mix features just some of my favourite Preemo beats ( you can find Vol I on my mixcloud page here >> http://www.mixcloud.com/AllyAl3000/are-friends-eclectic-radio-show-8913-dj-premier-beats/ ) but I have plenty more so no doubt there'll be other volumes

so without foither ado, please enjoy !


PREMIER BEATS Volume II : Mixed by AllyAL

New tracklist

DJ Premier intro
Unbelievable - Notorious B.I.G.
Part Of My Life - Freddie Foxxx
The Actual - All City Crew
Sayin' Something - Ed OG
6th Sense - Common
Nas Is Like - Nas
Full Clip Gang Starr
Above The Clouds ft Inspektah Deck - Gang Starr
Friend or Foe - Jay Z
Breakin' The Rules - MOP
Suspended In Time - Group Home
Come Clean - Jeru the Damaja
You Know My Steez - Gang Starr
Real Hip Hop ( Instrumental ) - Das EFX
Pop Shots - Ol Dirty Bastard
Big Acts Little Acts ( Rmx ) ft GZA - Afu-Ra
Follow Instructions - MOP
Boom ( Instrumental ) - Royce Da 5'9"
Lyrical Monster - Afu Ra
F.A.Y.B.A.N. - Screwball

all comments welcomed


SNOB FUTURE : Mixed by AllyAl : The Music of OFWGKTA : In Collaboration with The Music Snobs
August 06, 2014 03:12 PM PDT
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Hope all is well in your worlds

You are now listening to the sounds of the first collaborative effort between myself and The Music Snobs (check below for more details)

The mix is based around a show they did about Tyler the Creator and his OFWGKTA crew

"After The Music Snobs podcast broke down the power of Cali crew Odd Future, OKP board member veteran AllyAl was inspired to bless them with a guest DJ mix for their The Music Snobs In The Mix series. Al's mix serves as a graduate lesson in all things OFWGKTA, spanning the L.A. supergroup's hip-hop, soul and remix projects, well worthy of Snobs everywhere. You can find the tracklist, stream and download links below."

So there you have it

If you don't already know the Snobs, for me, it's the best music based talk show available on the internet. Always super informative and very funny. Check out more from Jehan, Arthur, Isaac and Scoop here >> https://soundcloud.com/themusicsnobs

their mix page here >> http://www.mixcloud.com/themusicsnobs/

So without foither ado, please enjoy

SNOB FUTURE : The music of OFWGKTA mixed by AllyAl

tracklist :

Snobs Intro
Lone/ Jornada - Tyler the Creator
Molasses ft RZA - Earl Sweatshirt
Yonkers - Tyler the Creator
Knight ft Domo Genesis - Earl Sweatshirt
Crack Rock - Frank Ocean
Pack Up - The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Live It Up - The Internet
Don't Tell The Mermaids - The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Naked ft Hodgy Beats - The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Treehome 95 ft Coco O and Erykah Badu - Tyler the Creator
You're The One ( Odd Future's The Internet Rmx ) - Charli XCX
Nagoya ft Hodgy Beats - Jonti
Monks - Frank Ocean
Burgundy ft Vince Staples - Earl Sweatshirt
Navy - Kilo Kish
Boss Life - Domo Genesis
Dont'cha - The Internet
Blue Jeans ( Odd Future's The Internet Rmx )
Rolex - Hodgy Beats
Guess Who's Back ft Casey Veggies - Domo Genesis
Give It Time - The Internet

All comments welcomed

nice one


A Prince Mix : Shut Up Already....Jam ! : Mixed by AllyAl
June 12, 2014 11:24 PM PDT
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Hi Everybody

It's been a long time....

8 months in fact sad pardon my tardiness but life gets very busy sometimes

Finally after 31 years of being a fan I finally saw Prince in concert in Manchester and he was amazing !! It put every other live show I've ever seen in perspective, the difference between seeing boys in bands/ MC's and an absolutely bonafied superstar !! Even at 56 still captivating, and the band, 3rd Eye Girl were amazing too !

SO being on a total Prince tip recently it made total sense to make a new Prince mix so get your purple dancing shoes on and....

Shut up, already....JAM !!


Just As Long As We're Together
Sexy Dancer
Le Grind
Lady Cabdriver
Erotic City
The Future
When Doves Cry
17 Days
Tick, Tick, Bang

Thank you to Kerry Jordan ( @KerryEJordan )for the artwork at very short noticed, greatly appreciated

October 15, 2013 11:26 PM PDT
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Howdy Listeners

Hope all is well in your worlds

As a massive fan I've been wanting to do a Dilla tribute for a while but seeing as there are already so many out there, and lots of those done by people who are a lot better than this than me, I wanted to try and come up with a unique angle, something that hadn't been done before. So anyways, one day listening to Slum Village and Fall In Love comes on. Now this has always been one of my favourite Dilla beats, and I always hate when its over so later that day I decided to loop up the vocal and instrumental versions. This then isn't long enough, so I pull all the versions I've got together and yadda yadda yadda eventually I end up with this mix

Possibly for the diehards and Stans only, but that's cool.

Thank you to Andy @ Forever Nowhere for the artwork and patience as always, see more here >> http://forevernowhere.tumblr.com/

So without foither ado

please enjoy..



Fall In Love - Slum Village
Fall In Love (Instrumental) - Slum Village
Dillagence ft Phonte - DJ Spinna
Everybody's Something ft Saba & BJ The Chicago Kid - Chance The Rapper
Fall In Love - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino
Fall In Love - Flying Lotus
Fall In Love - BadBadNotGood
Fallinlovealude - Robert Glasper
Fall In Love (Live) ft Bilal, Dwele, Karriem Riggins etc etc - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
The Official - Jaylib
Diana in the Autumn Wind - Gap Mangione

nice one

All comments welcomed. Also please feel free to share, like, tweet, reblog, Tumblr WHATEVER it is you crazy kids do these days winking


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